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Friday, June 23, 2017

Tiong Bahru Bakery


I was at Tangs Orchard and stopped for coffee and one of their famous croissants or even Kouign Amann, there's a sweet version and a savory version.

The croissant sandwich is really good, so much so I bought another sandwich and turned my tea-time snack into a whole meal. The baguette sandwich is really quite tough. Next time I will try the Kouign Amann.

I was at Tangs Orchard for the Guerlain pop-up event.

There's a lucky dip for skincare trial sets, premium samples and this scented candle from their Orchidee Imperiale range of skincare.

Really happy with my gift! The scent is really strong and deep, almost for a guy. I am told most old world perfumes are like that, heavily musky and that's what makes it sexy.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2017

This famous bazaar comes round once a year and ends on Hari Raya eve. It says Geylang but its not in Geylang, so where is it. Most people can't find it and I found out its exact location by chance. I exited Paya Lebar Circle Line thinking I would find Paya Lebar Square, instead I found a bunch of construction sites and further down there are these tents setup along the road.

The first few white tents are not related to the bazaar although the stuff sold there is similar. Even further down the road it's the huge mass of tents, caravans, stage and dustbins that make up Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar. 

Halal food stalls are not open until after 6pm, so what you get are mostly chinese or indian store owners selling the usual pasar malam food as well as the newer rainbow/unicorn stuff.

I managed to get a blue ramly burger, extra $1 for coloured bun. And a unicorn Starlite bubblegum milkshake, I am soo not a kid.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Family Dinners

Thai street food @ Thai Village, its just like how I remembered it from my vacations.

Vermicelli Crab...

Sharksfin Claypot Soup!

Informal gatherings at home, satay and chicken wings.

My mom bought chicken rice as well.

Skincare souvenirs from Korea, seems like everyone is going there these days.

Friday, June 2, 2017

back to my usual schedule

I tried looking for Dancing Crab and think its closed, so I searched for another Cajun place and was surprised to find it in Plaza Singapura, its called Cajun on Wheels or COW. The prices are more affordable and they still dump the seafood on the table in front of you. There is soo much Cajun seasoning in the butter sauce that it tastes like curry, I kid you not. I also tried the signature lobster bisque that is more like a really good stock base. Definitely worth coming back here again.

I won some GV movie vouchers from Colgate x Redmart so I caught a movie Boss Baby the new DreamWorks animation. The movie ticketing counters have merged with the concessionaire stand creating one massive counter, but there is nobody around on a weekday afternoon so no Qs. That is not the only thing I won from Colgate, a while ago I collected my Delsey Luggage from a Colgate contest held with Cold Storage.

Finally caved and bought a spa package near my place, it was because I had a splinter in my foot and I couldn't get it out myself, so I booked a pedicure and got it removed along with a nice buff and shine. The spa therapists commented that was not my first trip to their spa and I should just get a package to make their life easier, so I did. It's this Chinese-run place with all the China - Europe brands that none of us have heard of before, its non-commercial but work as well as known brand name products. The spa is full service from regular manicures to IPL and the range of facials available are really mind-boggling. 

Check out this new drink that I had with my snack, Elisha fruit carbonated water, more fruit & more hydration. I love carbonated waters, its good that there is more than just lemon water available.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Redmart Haul

Grocery delivery from Redmart. This cost me $161.50, free delivery. Most of the items were 50% or 70% discounted.

 Amy's organic frozen meals are mostly gluten free or vegetarian, there is also light & lean, kosher etc. It sounds really healthy, I've tried their Indian Aloo Mattar wraps before and its really delicious. Now that Redmart is having a promotion on Amy's frozen meals, I took the chance to try out the different flavors.

Nakd whole food bars are gluten free and comes in interesting flavors like banana bread, ginger bread, pecan pie. It's half priced so I got a few. It's not the usual cereal bar we are used to, its kinda dense and gummy.

Troo freeze dried pineapples and pear for snacking. Apparently, freeze dried retains vitamins in the fruits so you get the full nutritional benefit. It's also a gluten free snack. 3 for the price of 1, $9.90.

Weight Watchers Heinz country vegetable soup, it's a whole program that you have to follow to lose weight and very popular in UK. The offer is buy 1 get 1 free, that's how I ended up with 2 cans. I bought a pack of oyster mushrooms to add into this to make it a more substantial meal.

 I also bought 1 can of Mulligatawny soup as I've tried making Mulligatawny curry before and its not exactly what I expected so maybe this soup version will offer me some clue of what its supposed to taste like.

Sandhurst panino mix is an antipasti (mixed vegetables in oil), I bought it coz its half price, am thinking of putting this on Gardenia's new Country Loaf breads (ciabatta/Mediterranean panini). 

I also bought some CP KJ Fish/Shrimp burgers. This is like the burgers you get from 7-11, 1 burger in 1 packet that you throw into the microwave. The offer is buy 1 get 1 at 50% off.

Bonne Maman apricot preserves in XL size (750gm), half price. I am soo used to the tiny 35gm jars of Bonne Maman jams that this size is such a novelty. Planning to have this with Gardenia fruit & nut loaf for breakfasts. This fruit & nut loaf used to be a Christmas special but now you can buy it anytime of the year.

K. Harrodson cookies are back! I love these cookies. I also re-ordered Hormel Chili Turkey with beans, it's the only chili that has white meat. Masterfoods dijon mustard coz I ran out of mustard and its half price. 

Couple of canned seafood that can be pre-mixed into rice inside the rice cooker. Century milkfish, Adabi spicy mussels and spicy cockles, Yeo's minced prawn in spices, New Moon topshell. You can only find tuna, salmon or minced pork on the shelves so these are quite unusual.


Heaven & Earth Tea are on sale @ 40% discount, so I got a few. I make it a point to try different brands of coconut water and this is from Philippines, Nyogi coconut water with calamansi, it's also half priced.

These Vanish stain removers are used in addition to regular detergent. The spray can is for spot cleaning, the regular is for washing machines (1 cup to 1 cup detergent), O2 is for whitening.

Dettol is a distinctive smelling antibacterial wash used to clean clothes, furniture, floors. It's used in addition to regular detergent. I purchased some of the new body washes, cool menthol and glitter (the new Gold range has glitter inside).