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Friday, May 27, 2016

Pasar Malam

I love walking through pasar malams near my home, when you have nothing to do in the afternoons or after dinner stroll. There's soo much to see and do there.

The only place to buy cheap stuff you actually need to use. Like these jeans of all sizes for just $10.

Mostly, its about the food! 

Prices have gone up to match the upmarket offerings.

I bought fish balls from the stall selling meat & oyster fried buns. You can see there is not much bun, the most delicious item I ate this trip.

Taiwanese Pork Chops and Tako Yaki Octopus balls.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Korean Souvenir Snacks

These snacks are often found in the airport or tourist shops. My parents brought these back from a recent holiday to Korea, along with dozens of Missha facial masks and Laniege cosmetics for me. I am sure everyone's curious as to how these foods tastes, I know I am.

Pumpkin Jelly, its a sticky sugary jelly with a savory taste. I think there's more than pumpkin in it, some Korean herbs as well.

Jeju Orange slices coated in white & dark chocolate. It's real orange slices dried and dipped in chocolate. I would prefer it to be crisp, its kinda soft and chewy.

Jeju Harubang Chocolate. It's half flavored cream and half chocolate in the shape of a stone statue. Makes a great souvenir coz of its shape, the flavor is also really bright, not much choco taste tho'.

Dried Fish Crackers in individually wrapped portions. Its tasty, I would even eat this with rice.

BBQ Ribs Flavored Seaweed comes in A4 size sheets that are really meant for sushi rolls. It does have a smoky BBQ flavor and can be eaten on its own.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Still Sewing

This is how much leftover fabric I have after last year's sewing. I didn't realize I had so much until I started tidying my room and putting everything into 1 bag. This is where the real fun begins as I just sew whatever.

I bought Clover Patchwork Quilting Templates ($15) that has 7 basic shapes to be used in any sort of quilting. So I used these templates to cut up the final remnants. I didn't want to spring for a fabric cutting machine as its quite bulky and costs several hundred dollars. It's pretty handy tho' if you are dealing with a large amount of fabric.

Clear UV protection sunglasses, a sportswear item that I thought would come in handy for my sewing, especially now when I am sewing elastic and my needles keep breaking.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Milk & Honey

Another one of those frozen yogurt places, there seems to be quite a few around. Milk & Honey is more of a cafe with seating area for patrons, it sells yogurt parfaits and coffee/tea.

You can order a S/M/L parfait, large with 6 toppings is $8.80. I went for one of their signature parfaits Lilac Dream $6.80.

Check out the glitter in my macaroon.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Giant Grocery Shopping

$100 worth of stuff from Giant:

Marigold 100% Juice packets (6x250ml)   $4.25   $3.95
Marigold Peel Fresh x2   $6.50
Ribena Drinks x2   $5.80   $2.90
HtwoO Isotonic Drinks x4   $7.60   $6.70
Equal Sugar pack x2   $13.45
Alpen Muesli Bars x2   $13.10   $10.95
Dutch Lady Milk x2   $5.00
Farmers Union Yoghurt   $8.40   $7.90
Giant Frozen Samosa   $4.65
Huiji Honey   $9.95
Rex Canned cuttlefish soya   $4.75
Rex Canned cuttlefish sambal   $2.60
IceCool Canned gold corn kernels   $1.05
Jixiang Canned baked beans   $1.00
Coca Cola cans x3   $2.25   $2.00
Impra Tea x2   $5.90
Southdale Farm sliced cheese x3    $8.75
Bibik's Choice fried fish fillets   $3.80
All Big Premium fried cuttlefish fillets   $4.10

TOTAL = $121.65 (retail price) or $105.90 (what I paid)

Snacks for the kiddos, 100% juice packs and yogurt muesli bars. There was an offer, buy 2 boxes of muesli bars for $10.90.

Farmers Union Greek Yogurt with a touch of honey, I think that's a new flavor. So I got 1 pack to try out for our breakfasts. Probably adding in dried fruit and cereal coz our cereal is the organic grains type not the sugared type.

These are the new Equal sugar products. Equal Gold resembles granulated sugar and Equal Stevia uses a new type of sweetener (Stevia plant extract) so it should taste different. Both are still 0 calories and safe for diabetics.

I also got the biggest bottle (1kg) of squeezable floral honey. Huiji is a chinese brand, never tried it before.

Packs of Impra Tea, I always get this when I am at Giant coz its not available anywhere else. It's a good deal too, at just $2.95 for each box of 25 teabags. I got rose tea and apple tea.

Some frozen snacks for tea-time. I try to stick to the school tuckshop faves coz that's what everyone loves.

Southdale Cheese Slices were half priced, but it didn't ring up at the cashier, or my total would have been $101. 53. Soo irritating, for some reason some of the discounts didn't ring up at the cashier and I had to get her to re-scan some items. I missed out on this item so didn't get the discounts on it at all. 

Coca Cola CNY cans were on sale (post season) so I got a few.

Ribena mango+passionfruit was half priced, H-two-O was also on sale, so I got a few bottles.

Tinned food, from Rex/Ice Cool/Jixiang.

No sale on these but I had to get Yuzu & Momo Peach to share with my mom.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Nam Kee Pau

I arrived in Bugis Junction early and the only shops open were Cold Storage, Starbucks, Mc Donald's and Nam Kee Pau. Nam Kee Pau sells the usual chinese breakfast of steamed buns, siew mai, glutinous rice and coffee/tea. And they've got lots of steamed buns : lotus paste, red bean paste, bbq pork, chicken and a special Amy Yip Big Pau. It's about the same size as the one @ Tangs Market.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Tebrau Shuttle Train to Johor

I was surprised to learn about a train service from Singapore to Johor and its not the conventional train ride one would expect. It's an express train that only brings you across the causeway in 5 mins, starting at Woodlands Train Checkpoint and ending at JB Sentral. Run by Malaysia KTM, tickets cost $5 from Singapore or RM 5 from Johor. The only reason you take it is for the speed, avoiding causeway traffic jams and the resulting Q at customs. Remembering my last trip, I was only too happy to try out the Tebrau Shuttle.

Although bus 170 does go to Woodlands Train Checkpoint, we decided against it and stopped at Woodlands MRT to take one of these buses 856, 903, 911, 913 (avoid 912 as the route is longer). Advised to check that the bus plate says Woodlands Train Checkpoint. 

Buy tickets first, then clear both customs at once, before boarding the train. Only 2 carriages are new, the rest have tiny weevils (cockroaches) that gave us quite a fright. I wouldn't recommend this for wheelchair/trolleys/prams as there is a huge gap from platform to train.

From JB Sentral, we took the S1 causewaylink shuttle bus to KSL City, it leaves every 20 mins and costs RM 1.50 per person, per trip. KSL City is a megamall with an attached hotel, Tesco Hypermart and a cineplex with two 3D screens.

MRT ride to Woodlands = $1.73
Bus ride to Checkpoint = $0.88
Tebrau Shuttle = $5.00
S1 bus to KSL City = $0.50
Total Cost = $8.11

We decided to check out Tesco first as we were not planning a huge grocery haul. Olay facial masks are SGD$10 after discounts (its a good deal) only thing is you need the manager to unlock the shelf for you. We ended up buying chips, biscuits and loofahs.

Tesco housebrand products have attractive packaging and I like the mixed baked beans.

Mom & I had lunch at Kopi Cawan Mas, a Malaysian food cafe that appears to be really popular with the locals.

After that, we went to this specialty Assam Laksa place to try authentic Malaysian Laksa. Malay food is really spicy in general.

Walking around KSL City mall, there's tons to see. The shops and pushcarts are all tightly packed together, even the ground floor atrium was filled with clothes for sale.

My mom was soo happy to find authentic Tupperware in 1 of the shops. She also stocked up on vitamins and such at Watsons/Guardian Pharmacy, coz its cheaper in JB.

We bought these bread magnets and Lego toys for the kiddos.

KSL City is known for its tech gadgets/cables etc, you can also buy IT equipment (e,g, Computers) here. I found a phone clamp and fish eye lens for my phone camera RM 25, there is variety to choose from so everyone can get something different.

Took a break at Baskin Robbins then had our gel pedicures done.

This mall had quite a few of these catcher toy machines around, each operated by a different vendor. Exchange cash for tokens to play and I really haven't done this since I was a kid.

My mom was in the shop looking at clothes so I had a go and won Olaf the Snowman. It says authentic Disney on his foot but the badge is upside down (manufacture reject/treasure).

 Later on, we saw another bunch of toy machines and baby Donald Duck in a pink  T-shirt was just too cute to pass up.

We won him, but the toy is too big and got stuck in the machine. I spent another RM10 just to get him to come out of there.

 A bit further on, it was cute sea creatures and I won the takoyaki octopus. I didn't manage to win any TY beanie babies tho' that was 1 set of toy machines that ate up my money.

Just like the toy catcher machines, these massage chairs are scattered throughout the mall, starting at RM 2 for 6 mins.

 We spent the end of the day searching for the elusive pasar malam that occurs every Monday from 5pm. It starts at KSL City Hotel entrance and ends at Grand Paragon Hotel. Coincidentally, KSL City Hotel entrance is near S1 bus service dropoff. So we had Starbucks frappucinos at the hotel lobby while waiting for the hawkers to setup their businesses.

It looks like this on the already tightly packed roads.

Selling everything from kueh to blankets.

Going home, we had to wait for the S1 bus outside KFC (the other side of the mall). I bought Pizza Hut for my dinner RM 15.

 At JB Sentral I stopped by this bakery next to KTM ticket counter to get rainbow cake slices. I always tell myself next time I will get a minion cake but I never do.

From Woodlands checkpoint, you have to go home by Taxi as there isn't a bus service to an MRT station.